My First Real Post

Week ending 2nd of December 2018

Alright, so I'm going to try and actually write stuff for this blog, I don't know how many times I've said that, but now that it's got my actual name attached to it, maybe I'll actually do it this time. There's not a lot for me to talk about really, but lets go for it anyway, also I have this titled week ending, but that doesn't mean these will be weekly, probably more likely fortnightly or maybe monthly, or maybe when I actually have stuff to say.


The past couple of weeks has been pretty social actually, there was a thank you lunch for the CSSC a bit over a week or so ago, Christmas Lunch for work last week and there was "Crate Day" yesterday (at the time that I started writing this) which ended up more just being a pool party, but it was all pretty good honestly. I'm still to work out exactly when I'm going down south to see the Busselton guys, but currently it'll probably just around Christmas, timing will be a bit of a challenge seeing Ki and I are hosting Christmas this year for the immediate family and I've got from the 21st through to the 2nd of January. I guess I'll keep this blog updated with what actually happens.


I'm not actually sure if/what exactly I can/should write about in this section because NDA and whatnot. I guess I'll just speak generally from my own point of view, which is a bit difficult when it's just going online. Lately I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes changes, reducing what technical debt we've aquired over the last little while, adding in checks to increase resilience, that sort of thing.

Personal Development

So one of the things I always do is work on personal development, like I alluded to in my previous post, I tend to pick up many small projects in different languages, but only a small number of them actually reach completion. But on what I've been looking into lately - I haven't really had that much of a project that I'm working on besides helping a friend with coding a fan game project, maybe I'll talk about that some other time. In terms of actual PD, I've continued to teach myself how LISP sort of works, I've also looked a little bit into doing some perl and reminding myself how C kind of operates, maybe C++ when I touch C. I think for the time being I'll stick with mucking about with LISP in terms of new / infrequently used languages. And last but not least actually set up this server, and blog with pelican probably counts as personal development and finally getting back around to setting up github pages, which is pretty neat with pelican actually, you can check this blog's dev branch on github and you'll see that I've added to my make file an option to automatically publish to github. I'll probably add a make target to create a new file, maybe automatic with filling out the date and whatnot. I guess we'll see

This Blog

And lastly, I've decided I'll probably start doing stuff like this with the subtitles and stuff, it'll mean I can sort of get my ideas in at least a somewhat organised way. but like everything, this idea might get abandoned by the next time I write this.

Thanks for reading, I'll catchya next time :)