It's been a while

So it's been about 2 months since my last post. In my defence it's not really my fault, I'll get into that below.

I moved!

A big part of the reason I haven't been posting is because I've been in the process of moving. I will miss the old place, I posted a semi-long status on facebook talking about it, I wont really repeat it here, I'll just say after living there for near on 5 years I grew really used to the place, I'm really beginning to settle into the new place, I can find myself around with the lights off and that's how I know I've basically got it down pat :)


Work's been quite good. Quite stressful with a lot of the ongoing projects, (not to mention one of the biggest database updates), but good none the less. Having my two interns helping me with it has been a god send, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in a previous blog at all, but I feel like I'm sort of positioned to be a project leader. Maybe improving my organisation skills a bit and getting better at estimating time frames for completion and I'd happily take that role I think.

Personal Development

As always I haven't done as much PD as I would like to, but I have spent a bit of time learning lisp, but then I got side tracked with some of the binary mathematics you can do. Aside: I think there's a way to do subscript in markdown, but I need to catch a bus in a bit so the letters b and d after the number just say whether it's binary or decimal. It's pretty obvious when you think about it, but you can take a number like 1101b (13d) and shift all the characters to the left and then put a zero in where there's a space so 11010b works out to be 26 in decimal. That works because in the binary system there's only two different values, the same thing happens if you do it with a decimal number like 15d, if you add a 0 on the right hand side it becomes 10 times as big.

Then I discovered 2's compliment, but I really need to catch that bus now... Maybe next time

Shows & Music

I don't think I'll post this that often, but currently I'm watching my way through House and Andromeda in the evenings when I just need some time to clear my head. I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I kind of left it and it'd take me quite a while to get back into it so I've decided to go for another one of Gene Roddenberry's creations, I might go back to either TNG or maybe give Discovery another shot, I watched the first half of season 1 but after that I didn't really have a huge desire to go back when it came back, I guess we'll see I've also finally gotten around to listening to the new Muse album, I really dig the additional tracks they did at the end with the Acoustic versions or "Alternate Reality" versions, I guess I strongly recommend it

Game night

Sunday was the "season finale" in our current campaign of Only War, pretty sure I've talked about it in a previous blog so I won't go into it a bunch here, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it's gone. I've got to make my character for one of the campaigns we've got coming up in Savage Rifts and then there's the second Cyberpunk arc, which I'm incredibly keen for. I mean, I always enjoy our game nights and I'm kind of kicking myself that it took me until about this time last year to actually get into it.

Other things going on.

So yesterday Ki and I were rear ended. No one was harmed and it was at a pretty slow speed as it was right near some traffic lights. Basically the taxi infront of us was stop-starting, Ki was doing the same but unfortunately the bloke behind us missed out on the stopping part. The three of us all agree it was the taxi drivers fault but unfortunately for the guy who hit us the insurance doesn't see it that way. Also unfortunately it's looking like the car is going to be a write off. Knocking on wood that it's not, and maybe looking into seeing if it could be a repairable writeoff and cancel the claim, because besides cosmetic damage to the bumper there's a bit of damage to where the boot latch connects (and that's where I think the write off is potentially coming from). I don't even think it's the fact that we'd be spending more money on a car than what we'd get back from insurance, I think it's the sheer waste of a perfectly good car with fresh tires.

I've also been dealing with a debt collector the last couple of weeks, A centerlink debt from 2012 with me apparently working at the Corner Store down south while I was living in Northam (overpayment because they only had my Tax Certificate and their records to go off). I'm actually typing this out while one of the operators looks into my case, going off her estimate it shouldn't be more than another 10 or 15 minutes. Initially I thought the company was a scam to be quite frank, first I received a text message asking me to call a phone number (which isn't the one on the debt collectors website), then a phone call using extremely obvious text to speech, it was only when I got a letter from them that I thought it could maybe be legit, but at that point I had already started discussing it with centerlink as I found out about the letters when changing my address on mygov. It seems their notification emails had been going to my spam. I've got my fingers crossed that this will all work out in my favour. Maybe I'll write an update on this blog when I do.

Thanks for reading, I'll catchya next time :)