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  1. 2019-12-31

    Media of the Decade

    So I've been so busy the last few months I haven't really had time to write up a proper blog, but I've been on break for a week now, and I'm only just beginning to feel relaxed today pretty much.

    I was thinking about writing up …

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  2. 2019-10-07

    Blog Post 2019-10-07

    Last month recap.

    Another whole month and it's gone by so quickly, I didn't even actually realise until a few days ago that it wasn't August anymore. i.e. I completely missed September (and the first week of October it seems). If I'm completely honest I don't …

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  3. 2019-08-31

    Tool - Fear Inoculum

    I know I've been going on a bit about it lately, but I've finally finished listening to the new Tool album. I was going to go on a bit of a tweet storm about it, but I thought I should instead just post about it on my …

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  4. 2019-08-26

    Blog Post 2019-08-26

    So, we're about 65% of the way through 2019. And I'm still thinking that 2017 was last year. I feel like I'm missing so much time and I really don't know where it's gone. This is fine however, because time flies when you're having fun... right? Right …

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  5. Song Challenge Thing

    Song Challenge Thing

    So my wife found this picture last month which is one of those 31 day song challenge things where you list off a different song each day and I was intending on posting it for my July post, but I forgot about it until literally 2 minutes …

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  6. 2019-07

    Blog for July 2019

    So, I haven't really much to discuss this month, it's kind of just flown by in what feels like an instant.

    One thing I do want to talk about though is the notion of a 10x engineer that I somehow only found out about this month …

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  7. 2019-06

    Blog for June 2019

    Another month, another day that I set aside to type up some of my thoughts and whatnot.


    Since I wrote my last post, I did try to write another one on the fact that I turned 25 and what that actually meant for me. Each …

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  8. Why I choose to do things the hard way

    So, this blog post is a bit out of my normal schedule that I've settled into lately, but that doesn't really matter because what is a schedule for a personal project anyway? There's no deadlines here, no expectations, and that's why this is a hobby.

    Anyway, the reason for this …

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  9. 2019-04

    Another month, another blog post, this one's probably going to be even lighter than last month


    I said last month was a bit of a whirlwind, well this one's been a hurricane. I've been taking time where I can but everything has been moving forwards at an astounding pace …

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