And a happy new year

Anton's log, date 20181226

So I took a bit of a break from these posts, that's mostly because not a lot extra has been happening, and it's the whole "if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all" and I guess I've applied good to also apply to interesting/insightful, I don't have much to add for this post, but I feel I should at least put something out there


It's again, been a relatively quiet couple of weeks for me by the normal definition of socialising. I did however have a friend of mine from high school move in with my wife and I. The three of us will be moving into a house sometime in the new year, not too far from where we currently are which is pretty convenient, it'll be a longer walk to the bus/train station and the nearest shops, but that being said it'd be pretty hard to match where we currently are in that regard, it's probably honestly one of the best places to live as a broke uni student without a car location wise, there's not even that many options on uber eats around our place, but yeah, that should be pretty good I think, We'll all go from being pretty cramped to having more space than what we know what to do with (Maybe, probably not, but well see)

I also took my two interns out for a kind of Christmas/Thank you lunch thing. The entire office had a Christmas in late November, but this was specifically for them as I felt that it would be a good way to show my appreciation to them. I guess it's also a part of my personal creed sort of thing that anyone who could be considered an "underling" (Sorry to either of my interns if you happen to read this) I need to take personal responsibility for. I've been working on giving them more autonomy and for them more to come to me when they have a problem, but I think I find it more interesting to see how they approach problems and to be immediately available if I'm needed, not that I don't like coding something myself or have an aversion or anything along those lines, I just like being somewhat of an in-house consultant I guess. Knowing how or at least having an understanding of how all the different bits mesh together, the limitations and future scope etc. but also being able to jump in and do some coding myself where it's needed I guess.

There's also been a couple of game nights too, I might go into detail of them one of these days, not this one though. I have finally managed to develop my current character a bit though, which is always good.

Oh, and while I'm writing this I'm in the car next to my wife on the way down south, to catch up with that group of mates and family and whatnot. I'll be back up in the new year.


Not much else to say on work, just been finalising some ongoing projects that have been in development for a while and making sure the platform was rock solid before going on break over Christmas, the longest continuous break that I would've had in about 5 years.

Personal Development & Leisure

I've finally done a bit of mucking about with lisp again, a touch of hylang, nothing substantial still. I've started rewriting the CSSC sign up page to use Django in place of PHP. I might do some stuff with Flask in the next week or two, I guess it's the thing of too much to do, not enough time to do it all. I've packed up my computer since my friend moved in with us, so I haven't gone back to Axiom Verge, I have been playing a bit of Super Smash Brothers with her though as she has a switch and all that. PD is still what I mostly do in my spare time though

This Blog & Hot Takes

I'm still to properly make the changes to the theme for this blog, but that's okay, I'll get there eventually. I am thinking of more or less writing a full year review for 2018 and posting that to this blog, but that probably wont happen until early next year too.

Not really any hot takes for the last little while either

Thanks for reading, I'll catchya next time :)