Another month, another blog post, this one's probably going to be even lighter than last month


I said last month was a bit of a whirlwind, well this one's been a hurricane. I've been taking time where I can but everything has been moving forwards at an astounding pace, today's the 24th and I haven't been at the office since the 20th and I'm only properly feeling relaxed today, I made a promise to myself to check my emails while I'm down south, but not to reply to any of them until at least Friday unless stuff is particularly dire (I made a few fixes on Sunday remoting in and whatnot) Something good though is I haven't seen a single email saying that there's been an error on the platform for a good 2 weeks now, It's not a common problem getting an error message or anything, it's just nice not needing to have to fix things I guess.

I mentioned today's the first day I'm feeling sort of relaxed, I think that's because I've properly switched off for a bit. Last time I had a break I spent the whole thing developing a side project for work, and before then it was my honeymoon. So, that's something I guess


Socialising has been relatively limited for me, but more than it has been. Catching up with friends for lunch around work etc. I'm still to organise a house warming even though I've been in the current place for... over 3 months now, I'll probably get on that tomorrow afternoon. I caught up with a friend on the weekend though. Took them to IKEA for the first time in their life, quite a good day out, I should probably remind myself of this and try to do stuff like that more often, maybe even get back to holding dinner parties with Ki, invite some of my friends who I haven't seen in years.

Game night

Game night has been trundling along, I was finally able to reveal to everyone in the party one of the twists the GM had set up with me, that my character in this campaign is the same as the one in the previous one, or a different version of the same one at least, now I've got to spend some time developing the two split personalities of this character to be different from one another, I've got some ideas, but I think I'll need to write up their full backstory and work off of that

Closing Comment

It's been nice writing this blog, and I intend on continuing it, I'm still a bit conflicted on if I really want to push it for people to read or if I should just keep it as it is, more or less just me talking to myself... maybe if I ever get around to updating this theme, I'll push it more, who knows...

That's all for this month I think, thanks for reading, cya soon :)