Another month, another blog post, but this time I think I'll make it a bit more free form, I won't do what I normally do and copy paste my previous blog and change the titles to suit what I'm actually going to be talking about, I'm just going to write this how it comes to me.


So the last month has been a bit of a whirlwind. Some days were flat out, others were more relaxed but on those one's nothing seemed to work out right. Multiple projects have been coallessing together quite nicely which has been a massive weight off my shoulders. So that's positive I guess.


Outside of work and games night (next section) I really only had one day of socialising. Which was O'Day, In previous years for the CSSC I feel like I was a major driving force behind sign ups, this year I sort of took a back seat to that which was nice, I still helped, don't get me wrong, but I was able to wander off for a little bit during the day, which was a bit different. Most years I hadn't bothered going to O'day seeing I only really got involved in the club close to the end of my degree.

Game night

I should probably start refering to this section as something else because I've started attending another campaign during the day on Sundays. It's nice to have multiple groups with different dynamics, and the more I think about it the more I want to properly run my own session and try and bring in some people who haven't played before but putting more time into preparing sessions and all of that sort of stuff feels like it'd be a bit of a time sink that I already don't have time for. Maybe I'll look at running some modules or something for a couple of people one day.

That's all for this month I think, thanks for reading, cya soon :)